Whether you’re in a relationship or not right now, you’ve probably got a view on what kind of person (personality) would bring out the best in you. There seem to be ’lucky’ people out there who’ve struck gold, but most people haven’t. Look around you. Lots of people we know (maybe even ourselves) are in […]

We all have a bad day sometimes. Your ‘bad day’ can range from missing the bus, being shouted at by your boss or a myriad of small catastrophes all leading up to you crying in the toilet at work or punching a wall. Worse still, sometimes we can get covered in a fog that makes […]

Ever wondered why you don’t return from holiday feeling as refreshed as you expected? And why is it that when big work pressures calm down temporarily, you still don’t have the energy to do all the non-work things you’d been putting off because of work? Is this you? You’re in the middle of a challenging […]

Let’s talk about that big intimidating word ‘Purpose’.  Have you found yours yet? Probably not, because the thought of it is overwhelming. This is what we need to correct. Purpose isn’t the answer, indeed, it’s not even the question. From my work with coaching clients, corporates and educational institutes I’ve noticed a pattern within our […]

This is part 2, if you missed part 1, be sure to check it out here In part 1, I went into detail about how travel is basically personal development on acceleration. Here are a few more of the reasons why I believe this plus a peppering of personal stories from my global adventures – hope you […]

It’s time we talked about travel. Why? Because it makes us better people. Not every trip and not all the time, but slowly we start to perceive life differently. When we travel, we stretch and grow and learn. Travel can be self-development, but not for all. It’s only growth if we’re aware and open to […]

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