How to Make BIG Things Happen: 4 Ways to Set the Wheels in Motion

Are you waiting for a ‘good time’ to make a big life change you’ve been dreaming about? Feel like you’re nearly ready, but you just need to get a few more things in order and pluck up a bit more courage before leaping into the unknown?

In my last two blogs we looked at what stops us making a significant change at work, and in our love lives. Our focus is on WHEN you want to, but just aren’t – please don’t make big changes when you don’t actually want to! This week I’m encouraging you with four ways to tackle what might be holding you back from following a bigger, wider dream.

What are your big goals?

Travel as a dream


A travel adventure that might involve leaving your current job or taking  a sabbatical that’s way longer than any holiday you’ve ever taken?



Work abroad as a dream


Spending time in a different country following your career, volunteering  or committing to study?





Quitting the world of employment and starting your own business, that one  you’ve been thinking of forever?



Doing something meaningful


Doing something more meaningful, creating a legacy you can be proud of, but something that will take you away from the life you’ve been used to?



You’ve already put a lot of thought into it, devoted a lot of energy to it (more than your day job maybe?), you’ve been talking to your friends about it for months and maybe years, and it feels a bit (or a lot) like a ’calling’, so why are you still here, peeping over the edge but not quite making it happen? The below thoughts might help you make that first step you’ve been waiting for:


  1. Focus on the pleasure of having achieved the goal

Visualise it happening. If you want, create a vision board. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there is science behind visualising outcomes. It’s called ‘motor-visual rehearsal’. Olympians and the sports elite are well versed in its benefits.

By visualising the outcome (right down to the sounds, smells, tastes, feelings of already doing the thing you want to do) it primes the brain for success. In your memory bank, your brain can’t tell the difference between synthetic events (imagined) and real events (remembered). So when you visualise something happening your brain often thinks it has happened before, so it allows you to push your body, your mind, your decisions towards that goal, because it knows it’s possible.

  1. Focus on the pain of having never pursued your goal

We are programmed to move more quickly away from ‘pain’ and potentially dangerous situations than we are towards pleasure and rewarding situations because of the same survival principle.

Therefore, once you have imagined achieving your goal above, a good double boost of motivation will come from pouring a mental bucket of water over your dream.

Simply, just think about what life will be if you NEVER ever do it, if you never even try to make it happen. Dwell in that uncomfortable feeling for a while. Pay attention to how you feel. Think about how your life will be different. Think about all the experiences you won’t have, and the knock-on effect on your partner and your family because you didn’t do what you set out to do.

If both of those aren’t enough to get you in action, here are my last 2 bonus tricks:

  1. Break the goal down. In all likelihood you are overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of what it is you want to do. If you want to start your business, break it down into milestone goals e.g. pay off debt, save money, have a sound business plan, get clear on the service/product, do the market research etc. , then put these in chronological order ( I recommend putting them on separate post-it notes between an X (where you are and a Y (where you want to be) – put them up on a visible wall at home.JR_news_XtoY_3
  2. Start with the first milestone and pick a date by when it has to be achieved. Write it down beside the milestone. Now break that milestone down into its component parts. Start with the first task, and give it a date by which you have to have achieved it. That date should be no further than 3 weeks out – GO TO THAT.

Then you are IN ACTION and one step closer to making your dreams a reality…

Please let me know any questions or comments you have based on what you’ve just read, maybe you completely disagree, maybe you have a story to share – either way, I’d love to hear from you! You can leave a comment below 🙂


Post by Jodie