Time for change in your love life?

Fear in relationshipsWhether you’re in a relationship or not right now, you’ve probably got a view on what kind of person (personality) would bring out the best in you. There seem to be ’lucky’ people out there who’ve struck gold, but most people haven’t. Look around you. Lots of people we know (maybe even ourselves) are in relationships that aren’t quite working for them on several or most levels, so they feel unfulfilled somehow. Or they’re between partners, wondering who might suit them and whether to go for a different type.

The thing is, how many of us have spent time working out what type we are ourselves, and why we need people to behave in a certain way towards us? And until we know that, how can we truly know what we should look for in someone else?

Classic relationship dilemmas

  • You’re single, keen to find a love interest and there’s someone on the horizon and inching closer, but you’re apprehensive because you’ve been burned many times. You don’t necessarily think you’ve got a type, but the people you’ve loved before just haven’t worked out, so you must’ve been with the wrong type, right? So how can you work out whether this new one will ‘work’?
  • You’ve been with your ‘partner’ for years. Although you’ve shared many great experiences and had things in common, you’re beginning to wonder if they’re the person you want to spend your life with. Things are waning. Should you make a break before you get resentful, and give yourself a chance to find someone who will respect and support you more?

Either way, you’re thinking it’s time for some sort of change. You’re well aware that a stagnant life with no room for growth or inspiration will drag you down. But despite that, you’re paralysed by inaction, uncertainty and the thought that maybe you’re just being too idealistic and you should enjoy your current situation more.

Let’s look at what’s getting in your way and try and separate perception from reality.

Whether you want the bravery and clarity to end a current relationship, or you want to make a better choice next time or break the pattern of unhealthy relationships in your life, the answer is always the same.

Start with knowing yourself. Then use this as your compass and your filter for your relationship choices. You wouldn’t walk from here to Mongolia without a map, so why try to get from here to happiness without one? If you want to get started today, have a look at uncoveryouryouprint.com

You ARE the map. Study it, review it, learn about it. Let the knowledge guide you.

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Post by Jodie