Do you know how to say no at work? I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve worked with who are overwhelmed by work pressures, yet continue to take them on. Along with professional and personal consequences of course. As a result of saying ‘yes’ when ‘no’ might have served them better, their stress […]

What is gravitas and can we develop more of it as colleagues and team leaders? I often get asked by people, especially people working towards a promotion, if it’s possible to develop more gravitas quickly. You know, that intangible quality belonging to those really credible, authentic, quietly confident people we do business with. We somehow […]

This week I want to talk about why empathy is the key to great relationship management. Companies who are preparing for the future of work know that the right thing to do today is to invest in helping their people at all ages and stages become more adaptable, exercise better judgement, understand opposing behaviour preferences […]

In the last blog we looked at why it’s so important to be clear on our identity and purpose. This week, as part of my Future You at Work model, we’ll focus on the precursors to developing great social and emotional intelligence for dealing with others: self-awareness and self-management. In many of my previous blogs we’ve […]

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