Individual coaching

Want a life designed by you, where you are focused and motivated, have more balance and know how to make things happen?

Alongside our teambuilding work in organisations across the globe, I frequently provide professional and personal 1-to-1 coaching. For help with major decisions or just niggling irritations about your current approach to work and personal challenges, read on!


My mission

My mission is to help ‘stuck’ people equip themselves with life tools that will move them out of the rut and towards finding life and work relationships that are true to who they are. We’ll work together individually, or even within the organisation you work for. If you have pressing life decisions to make or need a boost of energy and confidence to make your next move, I will help you make it happen.


Why talk to me?

I help people learn how to be braver.  I’ve helped ‘stuck’ clients (individuals and teams in organisations) in 21 countries across six continents, I’ve spent over 15 years studying human behaviour, psychology, self-development. We all should ‘take the time’ to ‘make the time’ to carve out the life we want. The first step is in knowing yourself and knowing how to disentangle the thoughts in your head.


Is this you?

  • You’ve lost direction and/or motivation at work
  • You crave a role change /career change
  • You need more meaning in your work
  • You need more skills/confidence for success
  • You want to break away and start a business
  • You want to tackle unhealthy relationships

Achieve your true potential

You can choose a face-to-face, phone or online setting. Whether your sticking point is your working life or just life in general, this reflective but very practical journey will help you navigate your own mind, take control of your actions, thoughts and behaviours and find your purpose in life.

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