Maximise your team’s most important asset – their minds.

Mental Fitness is at the core of everything we do and as a foundational start to our Mental Fitness programme, our 5-module course is designed to empower your team to skilfully navigate their thinking and emotions, to approach challenges and setbacks with agility and patience, and to apply practical strategies to help cultivate a more positive, growth mindset.

What is ‘Mental Fitness’?

We’ve all heard of mental illness, it’s a taboo topic and quite frankly if you’re dealing with mental illness within your teams (like burn out, depression, or anxiety) it might be a sign that you’ve waited too long to take action.

You’ve heard of mental health as well, but people often glaze over it and think it’s either simply the absence of ‘illness’ (“I’m not ill so this doesn’t apply to me”) or worse, they think mental health means we’re going to make them meditate!

At Jodie Rogers Ltd, we aim to change the conversation; we want to move away from a cure mentality to instead focus on a prevention mentality. Just like we go to the gym to exercise, to strengthen our heart and our bodies to get physically fit, we want people to be putting the same effort into their mental wellness.

We want to help get your teams ‘mentally fit’ to be prepared to play the long game in business and life.

The global crisis and the impact on your team

As our businesses pivot to survive, scenario plan, innovate and attempt to recession proof, it means imposing tight deadlines that can’t be moved, targets that can’t be adjusted, and continuously adding to already long to-do lists. These have become a part of the stark reality that we and our teams will be dealing with for the foreseeable future. So, while as leaders we may not have much control over deadlines and targets, what we DO have control over is how we can help our teams take on these gargantuan challenges.

Companies need to act now and ensure that their employees and teams are best equipped with the mental skills to face the challenges that this uncertainty brings and the right mindset to thrive in the new normal – but you don’t need to act alone. This is where Mental Fitness comes in.

What’s inside

Expert-led videos

Learn about the workings of the mind and the impact mindset has on our behaviours

3 mindset assessments

Establish and set the foundations for behaviour change

Expanded content & exercises

Practise and apply learnings to life, bringing your team further on their mental fitness journey

A wide range of content delivered in a fun, engaging way

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Optimise your team’s mental agility, increase adaptability, and enhance emotional resilience

These are just a few outcomes you can expect as your team works through our Mental Fitness course, helping them create the right habits to permanently change their mindset for the good of themselves and the business.

Is Mental Fitness right for my team?

Our Mental Fitness philosophy focuses on getting your people from ‘ok’ or ‘fine’ to ‘strong’ and ‘great’ so this approach is right for any team that wants to be mentally agile and resilient in the face of change, challenges, and setbacks.

If you’ve started to notice any of these behaviours within your team, these are early signs that they will benefit from working on their mental fitness, especially in the coming months. As a leader, this programme will also help to free YOU up to be able to focus on the demands of the business, by giving you peace of mind that your team are being equipped with the skills needed to navigate the road ahead.

Resistance, fixed or rigid thinking, this may be a sign that people aren’t dealing with the frequency, depth, or pace of change well. During times of rapid change, often there is a need to exercise control over anything to ease the perceived loss of control in other areas.

Reactive behaviour, this can show up in team relations, irrationally and uncharacteristically reacting to otherwise ‘harmless’ questions or discussions. This is a byproduct of struggling with extreme stress and pressure along with the feeling of overwhelming uncertainty and loss of control.

Lower quality in output, loss of focus or motivation, this may be a warning sign of burn out and you should gently check in with this person to see if they’re ok

Needing more attention or handholding, now that most of us are being asked to work from home in isolation, the need for attention, solidarity, and contact is even greater. However, this often leads to more manager/ report 1:1s, taking already limited time and resources away from the work that urgently needs to be done

More quiet, sullen or withdrawn. Not everyone will actively ask for more attention, many will also withdraw and ‘suffer in silence’

As a leader or HR business partner, you might be feeling:

  • Caught between the pressures of the business and caring for the needs of your team
  • You want to help support as many of your team as possible but there aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Guilty that you’re asking people to work harder, faster, differently knowing that their personal circumstances are challenging
  • You wish there was a way you could give your team what they need without it costing you more precious time and energy that you don’t have to give

What people are saying about us

It is more important than ever to help teams become more resilient by giving them the tools to understand and manage their most important asset — their minds. At Jodie Rogers Ltd., ‘mental fitness’ is at the core of everything we do for the teams we work with. Have a look below for what some our clients have said about us and Mental Fitness.

From leaders

“During Covid-19 our focus on the health & wellbeing of our associates has become even more important. Our wellbeing program addresses both the physical and mental health of our associates. Jodie Rogers and her team developed the Mental Fitness Academy for JDE, which they tailored to our needs and implemented with record speed. The Mental Fitness Academy is highly appreciated by our associates and has had a positive effect on their mental health. The set up of the Mental Health Academy is very powerful because it is both simple and engaging, with clear models and examples.

We have worked with Jodie Rogers and her team on a number of different projects and she always adds a lot of value, delivers what she commits to and is fun to work with. We have high standards, and have never been disappointed.”

Nathalie Slechte
Vice President, Global Human Resources
Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE)

“Having completed the course, the biggest change I have noticed in my team is their confidence in themselves. It not only made us more aware of the factors that can hold us back as individuals and the reasons behind that but it gave us the tools to deal with these factors which ultimately results in a more positive and confident team. This course also enabled the team to be far more open in sharing work and asking for support and or feedback which in turn results in a stronger impact in the business.”

Jennifer Whyte
CMI Director

“We’ve run a year-long, fully virtual program for two consecutive years for a global audience, mainly focused on leadership skills, building inner confidence, resilience and a growth mindset. The feedback and engagement was very strong. Repeating for a second year was testament to its success in the first year! Jodie and her team managed to somehow keep over 100 people actively engaged and growing. Those who embraced the program have defined it as life changing.”

Trish Rajo-Brea
CMI Capabilities Lead

“It was a real pleasure working with Jodie and her team on the Mental Fitness e-learning. Jodie’s approach is to ask focused yet thoughtful questions to really understand our colleagues and organisation context – using these insights to create high quality content that sensitively reflects colleagues’ challenges and offers practical, evidence based guidance on how to build a growth mindset.

We were joined by over 1000 colleagues globally at the launch event on World Mental Health Day and Jodie did an amazing job engaging the audience throughout with her passion for the subject and natural story telling approach, making complex neuroscience accessible. The feedback from colleagues has been extremely positive (4.5/5 stars) with many colleagues referencing the impact of practical exercises and resources created by Jodie and her team in helping them to reframe negative thinking and develop a more resilient mindset.”

Global Well-being Lead
Global financial services

From course participants

“I really enjoyed the course, it has helped me to understand my myself so much more, and why I tend to perceive situations the way I do. In terms of impact, it has made me stop and consider if there is a different way of seeing and understanding a situation before I immediately react – that has been really valuable. I haven’t just been using it at work, but also with my family and friends. I also found the one on one coaching with Jodie particularly valuable.”

Callen Garrets
Unilever, South Africa

“I was slightly skeptical at first and I wasn´t sure of the impact it could have but it’s honestly been absolutely amazing, I’d highly recommend taking this course.”

Edward Pickett
Unilever, UK

“I would definitely recommend this course. This is one of the best courses that I attended in my two employers that I worked for in my life.”

Patrick Van-Hauwe
Unilever, UK

“This was such a good journey for me – a reminder on our cognitive filters (i.e. the way we see the world) and how this can truly impact our work and our interactions. That we need to consciously decide how to deal with difficult / tricky situations that we do not have control over. The second learning for me was on my self-imposed limitations and how to consciously challenge myself to not only overcome but to exceed my own expectations.”

Sarah Rogers
Unilever, South Africa

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