Our sessions

In our interactive workshops, training sessions and virtual programs we focus on practice over theory

We bring together the latest knowledge in the field along with our tried and tested methods to create the right bespoke session for your team. This results in a highly relevant and engaging experience, allowing us to work at both the individual and team level to unlock potential. Below are just a few examples of our client experiences:

Switch Sessions

Switch Sessions are ideal for teams that are newly formed or need a ‘reset’ in thinking. A Switch Session helps a team to build connection and trust while also inspiring them to think differently. By working on relevant topics such as: design thinking, communication skills, and questioning techniques, if your team needs to switch gears this may be the right session for you.

Cultivating Purpose

Purpose is at the heart of both motivation and meaning for everything we do. During these sessions we focus on helping each person uncover a greater sense of who they are. This sort of self-reflection helps people not only understand themselves better but understand their teams better, specifically through the lens of purpose.

We use a variety of interactive techniques like storytelling, strengths finding and one of our most requested activities, Values Poker, to help participants go deep on what makes them tick and why. The outcome of the session is that each person as a clear articulation and expression of their ‘purpose’ which they can then use to apply to their work and their life bringing more meaning and engagement into everything they do.

Dealing with Change

Dealing with change isn’t always easy, but often the challenge is rarely the change itself but actually the uncertainty that the change brings. The objective of these sessions is to first help the team understand why change is happening, then enable them to more easily navigate it and become protagonists in the change itself. We focus on letting go of ‘the way things were’ and instead bring attention to creating a new possibility for the future. The team is then equipped with the tools, techniques, and behaviours to help them make that new vision a reality.

These sessions are beneficial for companies, functions, or teams that are going through periods of intensity such as organisational change or new leadership.

Leadership Sessions

We believe Leadership Teams are key to enacting wider change across a function or organisation. True change needs to be embraced at the top, to set an example, demonstrate commitment, and draw the line in the sand.

To do this we take a highly qualitative approach to designing our sessions, beginning with our PulseCheck research. This essential part of our process allows us to get beyond just symptoms and down to the root cause(s) of what may be stopping a team from working as well as they should be. The PulseCheck then serves as the foundation for focused and strategic conversations we help to facilitate over the course of our time together.

To truly unify the teams we work with, we give them the space and guidance to think deeply about what they, as a team, seek to achieve for the business and each other, and what sets them apart. These thoughts and concepts come to life in clear, succinct Team Vision & Purpose statements that are further supported by the creation of Team Values and behaviours.

Our sessions help to inspire leadership teams take change to the next level by getting them out of ‘business as usual’ thinking and instead focus on challenging them to combine their potential in order to reinvigorate their vision for the future and beyond.

** Due to the sensitive nature of content and discussions, we do not film these unless requested by the client. Above is an example of how we work with an illustrator to bring to life the session days, visualising key concepts as well as a team’s Vision, Purpose and Values. These wall-sized pieces then serve as a takeaway to act as daily inspiration for clients & their teams.

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