Your journey: Craft the purpose

Craft the purpose

Learn what makes each team member distinctive and the unique difference they each make. Discovering our individual leadership purpose gives us a natural injection of energy and makes our work more meaningful and engaging. We reframe our approach and tackle tasks with new-found vigour. We learn how personal values, principles and pre-formed beliefs influence behaviour. We get an opportunity to identify our strengths and what makes us distinct, then embed this into everything we do. The individual leadership purpose becomes the compass by which we can guide our personal and career decisions.

For any team to work effectively together, it’s critical to establish the team’s collective purpose. It’s this shared vision that gives the team direction and creates clarity around the ‘action’ (what the team needs to do) and the ‘impact’ (the results they are striving for). It’s a simple but powerful journey, which equips you to guide the team more seamlessly, help them excel and predict better which obstacles may stand in the way of making their purpose a reality.


Individual Leadership Purpose

1-day group workshop

Discover the core motivators that guide your people

Team Collective Purpose / Reframing

1/2-day team session

Use powerful storytelling techniques to focus the team and extract the difference they want to make

Custom training

Do you have special requirements?

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