Your journey: Sculpt team DNA

Sculpt team DNA

Here we work through the Team DNA Wheel. It defines and distills the team’s desired values, strengths and differentiators , and they will ultimately influence the team’s collective identity. This is about personification of the team brand, what the team stands for and how to move from who members are now towards who they want to be as a team. We are shaping, sculpting and crafting the team in order to galvanize each member and inspire them towards a shared way of ‘being’ within the business. This exercise is an excellent way of shaping recruitment choices and acting as an induction framework for new team members.

We also examine the dichotomy between the best and worst traits, we dissect behaviour patterns and use this learning to unlock the essence of a high-performing team. The focus here is on behaviour correction and amplification. We empower the team members to recognise that they can control and influence their collective impact on the group.


Team DNA Wheel

1-day group workshop

Personify the team's ``Brand``

Influencing Behaviour

1/2-day group workshop

Using the 'Matrix of Control & Influence' to unlock performance

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