Your journey: Uncover the blueprint

Uncover the blueprint

There are 2 ‘blueprints’ we can unlock. The first is the starting point of the individual. Here we are looking for our foundations. What makes us tick? What are our drivers, motivations and behaviour patterns? This is what we call the ‘YouPrint’. When we ‘Uncover the YouPrint’,  individuals we’re working with become significantly more self-aware, they have a deeper understanding of how they see the world, what skews & bias they carry and how to readjust them for increased personal AND team impact.

This is achieved through a self-directed, interactive online course to heighten performance and confidence or delivered as a 2-day team workshop.

Beyond this we have the Team Blueprint. Here we explore and understand what framework the team is currently working from. How do they believe they, as a collective, are behaving, communicating and performing? What are the perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and pitfalls of the team? Where are the opportunities for growth? We conduct a confidential in-person (qualitative) and online survey (quantitative research) known as a ‘Pulse Check’. This is our diagnosis tool. It’s from here that we gain clarity on where we need to focus our energy. This influences the creation of a bespoke plan for a team.


Uncover Your Youprint

Online interactive course or 2-day workshop

Unlock the foundations of your team

Pulse check diagnosis

1-to-1 in-depth interviews + Online survey

Understand and explore the team from their viewpoint

Custom training

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